Q:  I am not a runner.  How can I help?  

A:  Have a Kroger Plus Card?  Shop on Amazon.com?  Please link to us through the Kroger Community Rewards program using NPO #32988.  Please Change your Charity to Run for Greatness (under your Profile settings, using the smile.amazon.com link). Both companies donate a percentage of your purchase to Run for Greatness, if you link your account profile to our Non-Profit Organization (NPO).
Just click on the image links below and sign-up!

Kroger       Amazon Smile

We also would like to encourage you to come out to the races and cheer us on as we cross the finish line.  The bigger the crowd, the louder the cheers, the more happiness we can bring to these children.

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Q:  How does the R4G Flight Crew Runner application process work?  

A:  Once an application is submitted, a background check may be performed.  Once the applicant has been approved, they will be contacted via email.  All approved applicants must attend a training session to ensure the safety of those we serve.

Q:  Do we run independently or as a team?

A:  We typically run in teams of two (2) to four (4) runners.  You may either form your own team or sign-up as an individual and we can match you with a team.  One of the team members serves as a captain.

Q:  What are the responsibilities of a team captain?  

A:  The team captain’s primary responsibility is for the safety of the R4G (special needs) Runner. Team Captains provide emotional and physical encouragement and support to the rest of the R4G Flight Crew team. They are also responsible managing the pace of the race and organizing which team members are responsible for commanding the “push chair” at what interval throughout the race.

Q:  If I sign-up individually, how do I know who I’m going to run in the race with?

A:  About a week before the race, teams will be confirmed and a Race Day Document will be published. This document will provide the specifics about team members, start time and location and all the information required for you to pick up your Race Day Packet.

Q:  I have been approved to participate as an R4G Flight Crew Runner.  How to I sign-up for a race?  

A:  Approved R4G Flight Crew Runners are responsible for registering for the desired race(s) and paying the race entry fee* for themselves.  *Note:  we work with race sponsors and race management companies to request the entry fees are waived, but this is not always the case.  If entry fees have been waived for a particular race, we will let you know along with your approval.

Q:  How competitive are the runners in these races?

A:  Not competitive.  While each team can determine their appropriate pace for a race, the goal is to make this a leisurely running pace.  We do not want to interfere with the other race competitors.  We are most concerned with being able to bond and build relationships through our experience with these special  athletes.

Q:  How old do I have to be to volunteer?

A:  There is no age limit to volunteer.  There are all kind of volunteers, including making signs and cheering us on at the finish line!  Please note however, the minimum age to become a runner and “push a chair” is 16 years old, with parental consent. Exceptions may apply.  Please use our Contact page to inquire about current volunteer opportunities.

Q:  What is the difference between an R4G Volunteer and an R4G Flight Crew Runner?

A:  R4G Flight Crew Runners have been pre-screened to work hands-on directly with our R4G (special needs) Runners.  Volunteers are non-runners that wish to participate in other ways including cheering for us at the finish line and volunteering their time to help prepare packets for race day, helping with training sessions and helping to spread the word about our great cause!