Do you know someone with a disability that would love to participate in a 5k race?

Here is their opportunity to participate in some of the most popular 5k races in the tri-state area!   This program is designed especially for people with disabilities that rely heavily on a wheelchair.  Teams of runners called “flight crews” use special racing chairs to push the “R4G” runners from the start to the finish line.  The R4G runners will be able to run alongside both avid and novice runners, feel the excitement of the crowds cheering and cross the finish line in full glory!  Our goal is to provide this benefit without any cost to the R4G runner and their family.

If you have a disabled child or know a disabled veteran that is interested in becoming an R4G Runner, please contact us at

While we believe there is an extremely low risk involved in your loved one’s participation in an event, our lawyers insist that we have a Release/Waiver signed by a parent or guardian of our R4G (special needs) runners.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.   To access a .PDF version of the Waiver/Release form, please use the link here:  R4G Participation Waiver.

To those of you who have run with us in the past, THANK YOU for allowing us the opportunity to share in such a joyful and rewarding experience.